When you have tiled floors and walls in your home, you’ll need grout to fill in those gaps between tiles, join them and also enhance the overall look of your tiles. Without grout, your tiled area would look dull and incomplete since there are some awkward gaps in between tiles.

One of the most common questions people think about when tiling their floors and walls is, is it really necessary to seal the grout or not? If you’re one of those hesitant people who are still thinking twice about whether to seal or not, this article is perfect for you.

Importance of Sealing Grout

Grout is the fluid made from a combination of sand and cement and is used to fill in the gaps in between tiles. Although it looks solid on the surface level, grout is actually very porous and could harbor moulds and dirt as time goes by. You could easily clean the tiles but grout can hold dirt in its pores, making your floor looking dull and not that clean even after you’ve cleaned.

To prevent those problems from arising, you need to seal the grout to make it waterproof and prevent dirt from getting into it. All you need is a tile grout sealer to protect the porous grout from moisture and dirt. You don’t need to worry about water getting absorbed into the tiles and it is also easier to clean without that stubborn dirt getting stuck in between the grout pores. Aside from that, sealing grout also makes it more durable from crack and regular wear, making it last longer than usual. You could also be sure that the tiles won’t just come off because their grout is worn off.

Problems of Unsealed Grout

Unsealed grout could lead to a lot of problems even though they are not that visible to the naked eye. If grout is not sealed, it wears off faster and even gets cracks with the constant moisture it receives making your tiled area look old. Water also gets absorbed through unsealed grout which becomes a perfect home for moulds and mildew to grow. These microscopic fungi can cause a lot of serious health problems such as allergies, respiratory issues, eye problems, and many more.

Unsealed grout also gets stained through time and could make your tiles look duller even after you’ve cleaned them thoroughly. Grout also helps join tiles together that’s why it is important to maintain its integrity so that the tiles won’t come off loose suddenly. If the tiles area is on the sink, sealing grout is really helpful to prevent food stains from developing on the grout. Thus, maintaining the aesthetic of your tiles.

With so many advantages of sealing grout, it is without a doubt essential to seal no matter what area it is. Whether it is on the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, or any tiled space in your home, is sure to seal the grout after letting it cure to make your tiles last longer and maintain their beautiful look.

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