The type of flooring you use in your home can have a big impact on the interior theme and the first impression that you get when walking into the home. This is because of the large surface area covered by the floor. There is a larger visual field. Timber floors can impart incredible warmth and a feeling of homeliness when you install them in a house. However, you need to consider whether this investment is worth it when it comes to the long term.

You need to consider the style of your home when selecting a flooring material. The entire interior has to be consistent throughout the home and it should complement the style of architecture. A traditional home will benefit from a hardwood floor that has different shades while a more consistent finish will complement a more modern style. You need to select the right supplier when purchasing timber flooring as well. You will be able to get a reliable service and a variety of options with Euro Style timber floors Sydney. It is best to get the advice of an interior designer or the recommendation of your architect when selecting interior finishes as they will have a better idea on integrating the finishes all over the house. You also need to think about options that are available when it comes to staining and finishing. A stain will enhance the colour of the wood and highlight the grain pattern of the original wood. The finishing methods will contribute to how well the floor withstands wear and tear over time. You need to think about your lifestyle and requirements when selecting a finish.

If you have pets or children, there is a lot more wear and tear that the flooring will undergo. So you need to think about which flooring is more durable and what can be easily maintained. For example, red oak is a heavy duty timber flooring that can withstand most wear and you can find affordable options as well. You also have to consider the subfloor that is currently there in your home. This will affect the decision regarding the type of timber you use. If the subfloor is plywood, you have more options. You can use hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors on a plywood subfloor. If you have a particleboard subfloor, it is best to replace it with a plywood floor before the installation. You will need to install a plywood on top of a concrete subfloor before you install the solid wood floor.

Think about how much natural sunlight is coming into your home. Natural light will enhance the warmth of the hardwood floor. If there is little natural light, you can consider going for a lighter coloured floor to give a feeling of spaciousness and brightness to the room. However, you need to think about fading when it comes to timber planks that receive direct sunlight. You may require more maintenance in this instance. Think about how the appearance of the timber floor affects the ambience of the house. When the planks have fewer knots and textures, they give a more modern appearance. The size of the planks also has an effect. Wider planks give the impression of a spacious room while thinner planks can make the space look small.


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