Building inspections are important especially when you’re buying a house. Aside from knowing the real value of a house, you can also know if there are some hidden damages that need to be dealt with immediately to prevent it from worsening.

With so many building inspection services out there, finding one that suits your preferences and needs can be a bit challenging. To help you out, here are some quick tips on how to select a good building inspection company.

Check the Reviews

Reviews and recommendations are one of the first things you can go to if you want to know the type of service a company provides. Nowadays, it is so easy to read reviews and recommendations online through company websites and even on social media. The online world is more open in receiving customer feedbacks so you can easily check a company’s website and have an idea about the quality of services they provide from past customers. On the other hand, you may also ask around from relatives or friends for recommendations especially if they have hired a building inspector before. You can definitely get honest recommendations from people you know.

Check the Credentials

Before working with any building inspection company, make sure that they have all the credentials necessary. Check first if they have a license that certifies them to do the kind of service that they are offering. Another thing is that they should have certificates that prove they are part of a professional building inspection association to be sure that they are operating legally.


Another thing to consider when choosing a building inspection company is their experience in the field. The more experience a company has in the field, the more assured you can be that they could provide quality work. Having more experience also means that they already learned a lot on how to deal with different problems and situations, making their recommendations more trustworthy.


Every building inspection cost in Melbourne differs from one company to another. When choosing a company, don’t just look for the cheapest one. Consider first what type of inspection you need for your building and check if that price is worth the work. Some offer very low prices only to do a rush assessment and unclear reports. If you’re in doubt, check the reviews first to know about the type of service they provide before considering the cost.

Equipment Used

Building inspections are required to perform a thorough check that goes more than what is seen by the naked eye. To do this, an inspector should have special equipment to be used to assess all the areas of the home and provide a complete and detailed report afterwards. There are plenty of equipment an inspector can use depending on the area being checked such as moisture detectors, winter reputation digicams, and many more.

In choosing a building inspection company, make sure to pick only the best to be assured of quality service worth your money.

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