If you are not using the garage of your house, it is a great way of expanding the space that you already have without carrying out major structural changes to the house. They can be used for any purpose that you with. You can either use it to expand open space that you already have or use it as a separate space for a different function such as an office or guest bedroom.

There are many garage conversion ideas that you can find on hmaptyltd.com.au. You need to find a good renovation contractor who has relevant experience with garage conversions so they are able to find the best possible modification within the budget that you can afford. They will have designers in-house that will be able to explore options for the space planning and interior design. You have to understand how you are using this additional space and how it relates to the rest of the house as well. The more flexibility there is for any changes in the function in future, the better. So you will be able to easily convert what is not made into an office to a TV room.

One of the ways you can use convert the garage is adjoining it with the living space. You can break down the wall in between the living and the garage granted that there is no structural column in the way. This will allow you to create a larger space for entertaining and you will be able to create a free open space. You can also shift the kitchen from its previous location to the garage but you need to consider that this will require considerable modification to the plumbing system. If the garage is in the front, creating the space for the kitchen can be useful as well because you can easily bring in items to the kitchen without having to traverse the living area carrying grocery shopping. And services can be made more convenient as well. If the kitchen area is close by, you can create a small utility space and give most of the space to the living area. This utility can increase the storage area that you already have.

You can also create multipurpose spaces in the garage. It doesn’t necessarily need to be of one function. The more functions that it can accommodate, the more it will be used. You can create a home office that will have storage space as well. You can also see whether you can create a powder room in this space so that you don’t need to take guests into the private areas of the house just to access a toilet. Think about the aesthetics of the converted garage as well. Generally, if the garage space is in the rear of the house, you can safely install large windows or even a transparent roller shutter that immediately opens the living into the back garden. This will bring in a lot of light to the house and give a sense of warmth.


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