Solar Panels are little panels of photovoltaic cells that hold the promise of renewable energy for all. Solar energy gives us the ability to convert light energy into electricity, completely eliminating the need for renewable energy. Of course, converting completely from dirty methods of energy production to clean methods of production will probably take decades. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t start things off ourselves.

If you want to buy yourself some solar panels, you’re probably wondering where to buy from, and how to get them installed, luckily, we have the answer to both those questions. Simply check out solar power Brisbane for the best equipment available and to get skilled technicians to install the panels for you.

The solar panel industry is constantly evolving and there have been many changes to the solar panel since its inception. As a result, there is a lot of outdated information floating around out there. This article aims to debunk some of these myths. The first myth that we would like to tackle is that solar panels damage roofs. This is absolutely not the case. Though it is understandable to be concerned about this, if the panels are installed properly per the manufacturer’s guidelines, they cannot damage the roof. In addition, if you hire a respected solar panel technician to do the job, they will follow the guidelines exactly. However, if your roof is old, in need of replacement, already damaged, or nearing the end of its life, it is not advisable to install solar panels.

Another myth that we hear often is that solar panels are only efficient on sunny days. Now while the amount of direct sun does matter, that doesn’t mean that the panels will stop working entirely because it’s not sunny anymore. Production of electricity does definitely drop when the weather is cloudy, however, not completely. Solar cell technology has evolved a lot since its inception and as a result are much more efficient with how they harness the light that they have available.

A myth that we have heard is that solar panels are “ugly”, now this is a hard one to really counter because beauty is as we all know, subjective. What is beautiful to one person may be hideous to another and vice versa. However, most modern solar panels in our opinion look positively amazing, sleek, and very modern, which is why you should definitely get a few panels installed for yourself.

One of the most pervasive myths that we hear is that Solar Panels are fragile. This is an incredibly wrong assumption to make. On the contrary, solar panels are extremely durable and tough. They have components that generate electricity behind some very thick, very durable industrial glass. These panels are excellent at withstanding anything you throw at them including difficult weather such as sleet and hail. The humble solar panel is designed to last you for decades, and you will find that most suppliers of solar panels often supply you with a warranty as well.