Painting is one of the common tasks you’ll need to do if you’re already a homeowner. Whether you need to paint your brand-new home or simply repaint the current one to refresh its beauty, you could save a lot when you do the painting by yourself. However, to achieve good results, you need to have the right tools needed for painting. Here are the must-have painting tools you should have in your DIY toolkit.

Paint Can Opener

It’s easy to use any flat tool to open a paint can. However, sometimes these tools can damage the lid making it inefficient if you need to store again the paint. Having a real paint can opener can greatly help a lot in opening a paint can properly while saving the lid so you can still seal it when your paint job isn’t complete yet.

Painter’s Tape

When painting, there are some areas that you want to cover from paint. A painter’s tape is what you need to do this job. Just stick it on the surface you want to cover from paint and remove it as soon as you’re done. Its adhesive is not as aggressive compared to other tapes so you don’t need to worry about the paint being pulled off when you peel the tape off.

Paint Rollers

Paint rollers are an essential in every paint job especially when painting flat surfaces. Using a paint roller finishes the job faster than when using a regular paint brush. There are different types to choose from depending on what kind of paint job you’re going to do.

For instance, if you’re painting interior walls, it is best to use paint rollers with medium pile so it glides smoothly on the surface. Be sure to get the right paint roller depending on your paint job to achieve the best results. You’ll also need some paint roller accessories such as an extendable handle to make those high and hard to reach areas easier to paint.

Roller Tray

Of course, you’ll need a container where you could roll your paint roller to coat it with paint. You could go for plastic or metal ones depending on your preference. There are also varying sizes to choose from depending on the size of your roller.

Drop Cloth

Drop cloths are essential to protect your floor from paint drips and stains when doing a painting job. Canvas drop cloth is the most recommended material since it is non-slip and safer to spread. Invest in a good pair of drop cloths with varying sizes or lengths to cover different areas.

Paint Brush

Even if you already have some paint rollers, you still need to have a couple of paintbrushes ready in your toolkit. You can use it to paint around edges where a paint roller can’t reach. A sash-brush is the most popular choice because of its versatility but you could also opt for varying brush sizes.

You could still add more into your toolkit as long as you can use it in your painting job and make the task easier done.


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