We have been bombarded by different organizations and causes about the necessity of changing our ways into living more sustainably. There is a grave reason for that and now is the time for all of us to act and amend our ways.

Switching our mentality to be eco-friendly is a lot easier than we think. Just having that conscious thought could positively impact our decisions and choices. Similar to something mundane as drinking coffee. Once we have decided to live sustainably, we could see how our habit of drinking coffee is affecting the environment.

If you are a coffee drinker and you want this fixation of yours to be more eco-friendly, follow the advices listed below.

Limit (if it could not be avoided) single serve coffee

If you are using coffee pods and capsules for your caffeine fix, now is the time to find a better way to have your coffee. Coffee that comes in pods and capsules are among the most difficult, if not impossible to recycle. Every time you make your coffee, these containers are automatically added to your daily waste and carbon footprint.

Use reusable coffee cups

Another way you could minimize your wastes while still giving in to your coffee addiction is by using reusable coffee cups. Sure, when you drink coffee at home, you use your reusable favourite mug or cup. But what about during those days that you stop by your favourite coffee shop and you order your favourite your concoction to go?

You would not need to sacrifice your cravings and choose instead to use reusable coffee cups. In fact, coffee shops encourage their patrons to use reusable coffee shops and offer discounts or free upgrades for customers who come with their own cups. If that is incentive enough for you, find ecoffee cups here to avail of these offers.

Support brands that support sustainability

There are coffee traders and manufacturers that have switched to manufacturing their products more sustainably. Support these brands because you could be sure that their packaging is made out of recycled materials and their coffee beans are a result of fair agricultural practices. If these sustainable brands are being patronized by more and more buyers, more traders and manufacturers would follow suit and be more sustainable.

Recycle your used coffee grounds

There are numerous ways you could recycle your used coffee grounds instead of just immediately dumping them in the trash. These coffee grounds could be used as fertilizer. It could even be used as a natural scrub or exfoliator or as a cleaning agent to remove stubborn grimes on pots and pans. It is also a deodorizer that neutralizes odour and repel insects and pests.

Changing your coffee machine could also help the environment. If you substitute your coffee machine to one that does not use that much electricity, you are doing your part in conserving energy. You could even find other ways to brew your coffee without electricity such as Aero Press, French press and hand drip.


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