Having a sustainable and efficient energy source for your home that gives you huge savings in your monthly electric bill is definitely tempting to try out. Solar power is one of the most popular options in alternative energy sources.

Solar panels these days are more affordable than ever plus the installation isn’t that hassle at all. However, with all the benefits you could reap from it, there are still plenty of factors to consider before you go and switch to solar. Here are some of the things to consider to know if solar power is really right for you.

Energy Needs

Each home has different energy needs. For instance, if you don’t really spend much time at home, then your power consumption won’t be that high. If you’re powering a commercial building, your energy needs are significantly higher than regular homes. Your energy needs are the first thing to be considered before switching to solar.

Your solar power system should be big enough to provide all your energy needs. The higher energy needs, the bigger your solar power system should be. Your start-up cost depends a lot in this but you could always shop around for companies offering reasonable solar system pricesAdelaide has some great companies you could trust.


Although almost all places in the planet are reached by the sun, not all places receive the equal amount of sunlight. Consider your location if you’re planning to go solar. Aside from the region you’re in, you should also consider everything around your house that could affect the exposure of your solar panels such as tall buildings, trees, and many more. Be sure to install the panels in a spot that is well exposed to the sun for better efficiency.

Duration of Stay

Another factor to consider before going solar is the duration of your stay in your home. Solar power system is a big investment. If you’re not planning to live in your home for a long time, it might be best to wait until you’ve transferred to your new place before installing solar panels. However, since solar power systems also add to the market value of your home, you could still get a return from your investment by having a higher priced house for sale.

Roof Type

Although solar panels can actually be installed on any roof type, the installation costs are affected by the type of roof you have. Some roof types need more accessories to keep the panels in place, making the installation cost more than the usual.


Although solar panels aren’t that complicated to maintain, it is still needed to be done regularly to keep them functioning at their best and keep their efficiency. Most solar companies offer years of warranty to their customers so you could surely make the most of your investment. Be sure to check the warranty policy first to know how much protection you could get from repairs and maintenance.

Consider all those factors first and see if investing in solar power is really right for you.


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