When creating a garden, one of the problems you will have to deal with is pests. Also, bad weather can do a lot of damage to the plants. An easy solution for this is using a cover. These are commonly used in raised garden beds.

There should be a frame for the cover and material to use as the cover when you have a raised garden bed. There are many material options for raised garden beds and you will be able to adjust the price according to your budget. Wood is used frequently as a frame for the cover. One such option is using stakes. They can be driven into the ground at several points around the raised bed. Then you can lay the garden bed cover over the stakes. The cover can be made out of mesh or plastic. Make sure that the cover is secured to the stakes using a wire or twine. You can also use straight sticks to use as stakes. These are the cost-effective options you can consider. But you can also go for wooden boards to create a stronger structure than the earlier options. You can extend the life of the wood by treating it with a sealer or stain.          

Metal is another option you can use. This will not rot so you will be able to use it for a long tie. You can use metal poles the same way you use wooden stakes. You can also create a cage for the plant and drape the cover over it. Metal frames can be quite heavy and you may notice rust on metal that is not galvanised. You can also use a frame for the cover with plastic. It is lightweight and more durable than wood. You can use PVC pipes to construct the frame. As it is hollow inside, it will not add a lot of weight to the structure. This may not have the same aesthetic value as wood, however. There are many materials you can choose for a cover. Netting is a common choice for many gardeners. It is a lightweight material so you can easily remove it to access the raised bed. And it will keep pests out of the garden. But you need to consider the size of the holes in the net. Some nets can still let in insects if the holes are not big enough. In this case, it will only stop birds, squirrels and other pests from coming through.

Plastic is also used as raised garden bed covers. It can keep out insects as well as pests. And it also creates a greenhouse effect where the air inside will be warm causing the soil to become warm as well. This will protect plants from frost. Make sure that you use a clear plastic as this will allow sunlight to come through. However, with a plastic cover, you will have to pollinate by hand as it will prevent bees from coming in. Or you will need to open the cover at certain times for pollination to occur. And there can be overheating during hot days so netting will be a better fit in hot climates. You can also use glass but they have the same drawbacks as overheating, obstruction to pollinating etc.