Regardless of how, who and where you live dust has a way of showing up… everywhere. All the regular cleaning and dusting sometimes seems of no use when you see all your hard work covered up with a layer of dust. These particles float around the air and settle wherever possible which even includes your carpets.

Carpets and rugs are used for multiple purposes such as to keep in heat, for decoration and to make a space elegant and homely. Since it is the place that we keep our feet on it’s a no brainer as to why it gets so dirty, unless vacuumed regularly. This article highlights the importance of carpet maintenance and why it is something that should not be taken lightly.

It can compromise the air around you

We often don’t know just how compromised the air we breathe is. We inhale dust, mites and so much pollution around us. Although our bodies are made to clean out the air we inhale as much as possible, inhaling compromised air can be bad in the long term. As mentioned earlier carpets attract loads of dust, thus compromising the air quality.

If you are in a room that has a carpet and uses air conditioning this can be one of the main reasons are the same air gets circulated. If you have been sneezing or having allergies that do not seem to go away this dust pollutants trapped in the carpet could be a good reason. This is a good time to consider getting carpet cleaners to ensure that the air you breathe is not affecting your health.

Fungus and Mould are building up without you knowing

If the top of a carpet seemed grubby to you have you ever thought of looking on the underneath of it? Most of the time we are quite consistent in cleaning the surface of the carpet but tend to forget how important it is to clean the bottom side of it.

Mould and fungus can grow just about anywhere especially in damp and moist places. While it may not be practical to lug a huge carpet to clean often it is vital that it is taken care of at least every few months. Shampooing and vacuuming a carpet ensure that it is free of mould and thus does not affect your health or hygiene.


Unless you are paranoid or a germ freak, we do not usually wash or vacuum store-bought home furnishings before using it. We use it directly from the package or store and do not really think twice about it.

However, did you know items such as carpets or rugs come with chemicals imbedded in them for various reasons such as to keep texture and fibres in place. It is not easy to say if these chemicals are harmful or not but it is advised to vacuum it at least once prior to use as it uses synthetic materials that require the use of these chemicals.


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