The market for selling and repairing air conditioning units is huge. And it’s not just because it’s so hot and muggy; it’s also because so many people neglect to give their air conditioners the appropriate maintenance.

Repairs to the air conditioning units are commonplace and here are the top most common issues.

Swap out the air filters

The amount of air flowing through a filter is reduced. If the air filter is not changed, the unit may freeze up in addition to producing less cool air when it is dirty.

Switch out the thermostat

The thermostat can be changed to achieve the appropriate temperature and airflow. When the thermostat malfunctions, the house is overly hot and stuffy. This is an important issue especially during the summer and if your unit malfunction, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Fortunately, you won’t have a hard time finding an air conditioning service in Perth since there are a lot of contractors in the city.

Condenser fan replacement

In order for the device to cool, this fan draws air into it. This fan is used on outdoor units, where it is exposed to a variety of severe weather conditions that can degrade it over time. Replace the condenser fan as soon as it begins to malfunction to prevent harm to the compressor.

Change or repair the compressor

The compressor propels the refrigerant through the other components of the air conditioner. While wear and tear can cause it to fail, other air conditioner components are mainly to blame for breakdowns.

Refill refrigerant

Insufficient refrigerant prevents an air conditioner from operating properly. When the compressor leaks, the refrigerant level drops. Cool air no longer moves as a result. After finding and fixing the leaks, the refrigerant levels are refilled.

Fuse replacement

An air conditioner fuse’s primary function is to prevent system overload. It may be damaged by lightning, or it may deteriorate over time as a result of faulty electrical connections and aging.

The defrost control needs repair

An air conditioner unit cannot accumulate frost if the defrost control is working properly. In warmer climates, ice can also accumulate if this device isn’t working properly.

Condensation drain should be empty

Typically, condensation drips into a pan before draining out. Condensation may pour into the house if the pan becomes clogged. The pan has to be cleaned out and repositioned.

Change the capacitors

Your air conditioning system’s different motors may start and run thanks to capacitors. Over time, they usually degrade and need to be replaced. When capacitors deteriorate, motors heat up more. The motor’s lifespan is shortened as a result.

Coil cleaning

Due to an abundance of dirt, dust, or lint in the air, coils both inside and outside might gather dust. In addition, the chemicals in the air damage coils and eventually cause them to leak. Coils need to be cleaned frequently in order to prevent leakage.

Air conditioner unit is an important household appliance that we could not afford to get broken especially during warm weather. Knowing these common issues would help us maintain it and perform first aid repairs when it starts to malfunction.