Although spring landscaping is essential for a healthy, beautiful outdoor area, landscaping should be done throughout the year. High spring temperatures andincreased rainfall causes  growth of grasses, trees and shrubs. Regular maintenance is essential for healthy plants and trees. Unattractive weeds and fungi not only look bad, they also steal nutrients from the soil, water and light that are needed for the proper growth of green plants.

 Without constant control, weeds will keep growing. Regular weeding helps to avoid this problem and promotes better plant growth. Beautifully planted, well-groomed lawns, gardens, landscapes create a positive first impression, create a calm mood, increase the value of the property. Maintaining lawn  landscaping is essential to the health  growth of your garden.Its important that we do regular Garden maintenance.

Few importance maintaining a garden

Decreases the stress levels by creating a calm environment around the house.

Adds more value to your house.

Makes it easy to sell the house.

Reduce the cost of heating and cooling in the house.

Gives a clean are by filtering our of pollutants.

Strengthens the bond between family members by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Gives privacy.

Strengthen  the bond with the nature.

Help prevent trees from diseases.

Contribute to the nature by maintaining the trees.

Trees prevent soil erosion.

Help filter the pollutants from the air.

Gardening can be a very important hobby. This should be encouraged within the younger generation. Teaching kids the importance of trees and gardening is very important.

Having a small garden in your backyard is not going to cost you anything. You just need a fence to separate the landscape. In this place you can grow the needed plants. If you have a large area you can consider growing trees and if the space is limited it’s better to grow small plants and climbers. Different plants may require different types of soil for their growth. Identity the requirements of each plant, and provide the necessary conditions.

Always check the condition of the plants. Even if you are harvesting the seeds or placing a plant make sure you check for the pests. Pest can be a great problem which can lead to death of plants. There can also be different diseases, before placing a plant make sure the plant is healthy.

Watering the plants is essential but it has to be within a limit. Excess watering can lead to growth of fungi in the plants. Make sure the soil is dry the other times other than times of watering. Water directly to the soil so this can avoid over dampness in the plant and avoid growth of fungi. Make sure you save the garden from the other animals. Create barrier along the borders of the garden. Having companion plants is essential for some trees. Like human beings when plants are alone and lonely this can have negative impacts on the growth.

Always monitor the garden and make sure plants get the needed nutrients. Also use fertilizer whenever needed. Make sure you take care of the plants even though they can’t be heard.